Thursday, March 23, 2017

Lamb Shank Biryani at Al-Tasneem

Most nights, when there're no specific food cravings, the man and I fall back to biryani. I really really dislike pizza, which is a food item the man likes. At least we can agree on biryani, and Gokul, for all those meals of default food.

We have been heading out to Al-Tasneem for its delicious lamb shank biryani. At S$15 for a portion, that giant bone spells happiness for the man. It's quite a large serving, and enough to share. Unless you're really hungry. Am less enthusiastic about the lamb. I've tried bits of it. It's always pretty tender and flavorful. I love the curry and the biryani though.

We usually get there about 8.30pm, and somehow discovered that often, this is a good timing because the kitchen would have trotted out a fresh batch of lamb shanks and rice at about this hour. There're also sides of vegetables, which are done usually crunchy. Surprisingly. Many times, these vegetables are mushy.

We haven't even ordered much of its other foods on the menu because there's nothing else we want to eat at this eatery. They have mutton biryani, but that's very different. Most nights, they offer a bee hoon goreng putih with ikan bilis. It's not the best though. I've had varying degrees of quality, but they aren't as delicious as those say, at the eateries next door. Heheh.

Al-Tasneem Halal Restaurant
709 North Bridge Road (on the corner of Jalan Pinang)
Singapore 198681
T: +65 6291 1781 or +65 6298 2047
Hours: 8am to 11pm daily

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