Friday, March 24, 2017

A New-ish Exercise Regime

People have started asking why have I been on a fitness blitz these two years, and noticeably more this year. "Is this your 2017 resolution?" NO! I don't bother setting new year resolutions anymore. I've kept up with the exercise regime for a long while. It's only more obvious this year because I have reached my desired equilibrium of food intake and exercise.

I'm particular about food of course. I'm so picky about taste and all that. But I'm also not going to be too pedantic about it in terms of counting calories. It helps that I've no interest in fried chicken, tempura and the sorts, and zero interest in sugar and dessert. My diet has long been shaped (or constricted) by my allergies. My stomach takes what my tastebuds want—a hearty salad and a bowl of somen in dashi and mushrooms have the same standing as a plate of nasi padang with a ton of sambal terasi and a bowl of nyonya laksa. I eat them whenever I want to. I live in a city where I have access to different types of foods and cuisines. No excuses there.

I've significantly cleaned up my diet, cut down majorly on meats, and very ostensibly, decrease alcohol intake, limiting it to a pint of beer or two drams of whisky. (The bar has certainly lost a lot of my business through no fault of the lovely staff or its wide range of whisky offered. 😛That's why some other people said "Impie, you've become boring! You're not fun anymore!" Hahaha. That was said in jest of course. They're close friends, and they know precisely my reasons, because they're doing it as well- reining in the excesses.

I'm not too concerned with my weight, as long as it doesn't creep back to the unhealthy 65kg in those years from 2005 to 2008. I haven't seen that number for a decade and I want to keep it that way. Not intending to lose weight. I want muscles. I eschew all supplements including BCAAs. After a heavy workout, I'd rather eat three bananas instead of 20g of BCAAs. If I drop the weight, I'm not going to get them toned muscles and core strength. My current weight tends to fluctuate between 49kg to 53 kg, I think. That's perfectly fine. I haven't weighed myself this year at all. Why bother? It's not necessary to obsess about it when the exercise regime is regular and conscientiously kept to, with two rest days in a week.

The equation is very simple, I'm driven by the cognizance of mortality. It's not a fear of death; it's about not yielding to it easy. I fear being tormented by long debilitating illnesses, and if I could avoid that, I'd like to do so.


b.muse said...

I always thought you are well calibrated in balancing your exertions versus your diet, since that time you revamped your fitness regime to shed that unwanted weight!

Love that I can meet you for a pint of Stout, and also arrange for a gym session too. :)

imp said...

No way I'm giving up Guinness. Or porter. Or any imperial stouts. Heh!