Saturday, March 25, 2017

L's Wonderful Chicken Rice

L proudly proclaimed that after numerous tries, her Hainanese grandmother had given the seal of approval on her Hainanese chicken rice. She invited us over for a sampling. The other friends brought roast pork (char siew and siew yoke); the man and I contributed stir-fried greens of dou miao and baby kai lan.

Everyone has their preferred tastebuds and stalls when it comes to Hainanese chicken rice. If we want to simplify it, perhaps it can be summarized that if we're at Maxwell Food Center, we'll take Ah Tai (阿仔海南鸡饭) over Tian Tian (天天海南鸡饭) any day. So we're liking L's version very much.

L used the chicken stock to boil up a huge pot of soup. Fish maw soup with Fuzhou fishballs. Wow! Even the chilli was made from scratch. OMG. I ate that chilli like it was chutney. Every dish on that table was so good.

Yes yes, you know me and chicken. I generally skip the meat. I quite like chicken hearts, the steamed skin (I don't like chicken skin done in any other form) and especially the rice. I loved it enough to ask for seconds. Oof! Don't ask how much chicken fat went into it. Just eat it. So with additional dishes of vegetables, it worked very well as a satisfying meal for me.

The friends brought out a chocolate cake with the requisite candle for an early celebration of the man's birthday. Waaaah! Even I was clueless! They didn't let on a thing prior. Hahaha. Honestly, just the whole thing of hosting us to a homecooked dinner was already more than a gigantic present for the man. He was super touched by the friends' thoughts.


b.muse said...

The rice sounds so yummy! And that chilli!!! *drools*

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