Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Hey Egg Tarts!

The man turned 42 and decided to celebrate it in Brisbane with his long-time buddies. The city is close to his heart and was pretty much his second home in his teens and twenties. He's always happy to step into the city and hang out.

Derelict wife here, so I didn't arrange for any birthday cakes for the man, again. Muahahahaha. But I did get him two birthday egg tarts. He loves Hong Kong style desserts a fair bit, but I've no idea that he's so fond of Hong Kong style egg tarts (港式蛋撻) till recently.

Last week, he ate one from Tong Heng (東興) and really liked it. Now he seems to be intent on trying out all supposedly good egg tarts in town. Before we flew out on the red-eye to Brisbane, I managed to get the last two piping hot egg tarts of the day for him from Tai Cheong Bakery (泰昌餅家). He loved them. ✌🏻

Happy Birthday darling. No doubt it's mostly thanks to Douglas Adams that you believe in the universe's magic number, which is also a Størmer number. Turning 42 is the answer to every big question about Life, the Universe, and Everything. 

Fill yourself with music, let the good vibrations flow
Fill yourself with music, fill yourself with song, let the music do the rest
Walk out in the sunshine, let it fill you up with light
There's special songs for everyone to make you feel all right. They open up your heart and bring your pain to the light 
~ extracted from 'Fill Yourself with Music', the seventh song in Screamfeeder's eponymous 1995 album

At Dymocks. The man was totally absorbed in a book, as usual.
This is Marcus Chown's 'We Need To Talk About Kelvin' (2009).


D said...

Awww - so sweet :) Have a great birthday week!

Pebbles said...

Happy Birthday to Imp's Man!

imp said...

D: he is! Thanks!

pebbles: thankyooou.