Thursday, March 30, 2017

Down Comes The Rain

Of course it rained buckets in Brisbane. Many businesses and all southeast Queensland schools were closed today as a precaution. Gigs, public and corporate vents were canceled for the day. Everyone was urged to get home before the severe winds and rains hit at peak hour. I didn't know whether to laugh or tsk at the images of residents jet-skiing at flooded dog parks, and dragging out canoes onto flooded streets.

Cyclone Debbie had decimated Bowen, Airlie Beach and the Whitsunday region. We had no plans to visit northeast Queensland, but grimaced at the wreckage left behind by the cyclone. In its wake, the rest of Queensland saw major flooding, and Brisbane is pounded by rains, but there isn't a repeat of the 2011 floods when Brisbane River broke its banks. It's more of torrential rains flooding out the suburbs, and leaving mnay without electricity and potable water. In Logan City, the water levels surpassed those of the 1974 major flood. Rockhampton is going to be completely drowned.

We're fine because we're right downtown in Brisbane's central business district. I was a little fixated on the violently swaying street lamp, wondering if it would fall. Damages will be minor. The surrounding suburbs are expected to be all right too. The Brisbane River is holding its banks, as hoped.

Our lovely concierge stocked our apartment's fridge full of food. There's a kitchenette with all the necessary cutlery and utensils, oven, toaster, microwave and a dishwasher. Our friends fretted about us being stranded. Awww, it was only one night of staying in. We were more worried about their houses flooding out. Skype-video-ed to check in with one another till bedtime. All good.

The rain and winds weren't too bad for the better part of the day. We went out for coffee and lunch. Then the winds picked up at about 4.30pm. The rains abated later on, but the wind gusts were crazy. Listened to the windows rattle as we ate dinner. Hurrah for UberEats. Felt less bad for the delivery dude because he was driving a van, not riding a motorbike or a bicycle. We ordered Pakistani dishes. Really wanted spices on such a stormy evening. The mung dhal with garlic chilli tadka was properly spicy and totally hit a spot.

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