Friday, March 31, 2017

Burgers Done Good

The friends have raved about how good the burgers are at Grill'd. Since there're so many outlets in Brisbane, and we're pressed for time on some days; there have been a few meals of burgers and more to come. I'm marginally less opposed to burgers than pizzas. 😎🍔

Beef, lamb and chicken. All covered. You could take steak burgers instead of the usual minced patties. Lamb is on the menu too. The Moroccan Lamb Burger is great because they include tzatziki and roasted peppers.

They offer three choices of veggie burgers in its patties. There's the standard veggie patty in 'Garden Goodness' which I'm not hot about. I love their 'Veggie Vitality'- the patty is made of beetroot, sweet potato, spinach and quinoa. The mushroom patty with basil pesto and cheese in 'Field of Dreams' is superb too.

The usual buns are nicely toasted, of course. Their low-carb bun is amazing. Made of eggs, almond meal, coconut cream, tapioca flour, psyllium husk, honey and salt, it goes great with both with grass-fed beef patties and veggie patties. Oddly, nobody has ordered chips to go along, so I have no idea if those are any good! But as far as fast food goes, I'll take this option of Grill'd.

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