Saturday, April 01, 2017

Screamfeeder's 'Pop Guilt'

The last time I saw Brisbane indie noisy pop-rock darling Screamfeeder live, was at their supposed final farewell gig in 2011. Too many years have passed since! So happy to know that my favorite Brisbane band Screamfeeder can't stay broken up for long. Glad that they've put out a new seventh studio album 'Pop Guilt'. The album launches officially at the end of the month and the band is heading out on tour to Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Perth.

What a pity the 'Pop Guilt' listening party at The Junk Bar was canceled because of the rain. Luckily they had another gig at The Tivoli. This show saw Spiderbait as headliners, and Thigh Master played too. The two bands were pretty good, but I was really there to hear Screamfeeder play a short 45-minute set.

Screamfeeder came on stage to a packed venue. Bought the album on bandcamp, but I hadn't heard it in its entirety, intentionally. Happy to hear some songs live. The first song off their album 'Half Lies' sounded so beautiful live with the harmonized vocals. Despite having not played together live for a bit, Tim Steward, Kellie Llyod and Dean Shwereb were tight on stage, just as good as before, if not better.

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