Sunday, April 02, 2017

Fitting In Exercising in Brisbane

There were no plans to fix too many pilates sessions and such in Brisbane. The schedule is too packed! I have time to type out blog posts, but I don't even have sufficient time to edit the photos. Hehehehe. Also, no plans at all to head out to Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast. (They're still flooded, and the freeways have only just opened.) This is purely a city jaunt. The weather's pretty decent for a few easy jogs too.

I was randomly at Lululemon Wintergarden. (Yes, prices in Australia are cheaper than Singapore. Yes, I bought stuff.) And chanced upon a workout session at the mall square. No, I wasn't keen to join in a sweat session this way. It was fun to watch. But it spurred me to squeeze in pilates here and there at Studio Pilates. These pilates studios run on a franchising system and are known for their reformer pilates. Might as well check them out and see what's going on in the classes.

Daily stretches are a must and those can be done anywhere, and in any form. I stretch twice a day for at least 30 minutes each. So in Brisbane, early mornings are the best timings to schedule them classes. Classes in the mornings don't get in the way of anything. Gigs don't end later than 11pm and I'm asleep by 12.45am. Then I simply need to wake up, roll out and get to class on time.

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