Wednesday, March 08, 2017

In the Studio with POP Pilates

Finally mustered up courage to get through a 50-minute session of POP Pilates at the gym. Dunno why I thought it would be a full HIIT session, of which I tend to avoid like plague. It isn't. POP Pilates definitely works the core and ups the heart rate, but it's slower than a HIIT workout, and faster than traditional Pilates movements. It's kinda fun; something different from my usual that I don't mind doing on a light day. Yeah, to me, a POP Pilates class is light cardio. It honestly doesn't kill my core the way the pilates studio does it.

This instructor at the gym is AWESOME. It's in the way she conducts a class, with such finesse. I definitely like this instructor sooooo much better than blogilates' voice, demeanor and videos. I cannot do saccharine-sweet. I need an encouraging voice on the lower scales with a bit of grit and firmness in it. This instructor is also lean and mean and needless to say, rocked out on the stamina.

The music. Arrrrgh. I left the gym mildly traumatized. I could almost hear the girlfriend cackle "I told you so"! She had sent links to warn me what it was about. Well, thirteen tracks of Top 40s and pop songs. MY GAWWD. 😵 These aren't my favorite genres of music, especially not the first thing in the morning. I refused to listen to the songs or follow their beats. Shut 'em out and counted the beats by focusing on the excellent instructor. Next session, I'm wearing ear plugs.

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