Friday, April 14, 2017

Barre Class with V

V and I don't fix 'gym dates' as an incentive to do our workouts. It is an incentive to see each other though. Teeeheeeheee. Our 'gym dates' fall more into the category of, 'if we can't catch each other for lunch or drinks, see you at the gym'. It was fun to head to barre class together with V bright and early in the morning. We were happy to be up and about for a workout rather than to be nursing a hangover from too much TGIF-alcohol-binge.

No idea why barre classes are so hot at the gym. I understand that people literally set a reminder to book it. Barre is about the only class that gets booked out within five minutes after the schedule is uploaded. Sure, people cancel, but it means you'll have to check back at the last minute to grab those slots. I don't stalk the classes or turn up every week. I booked this class simply because I happened to be online when the schedule opened up with spaces.

Well, this session was a good workout. There's the ball and a set of dumbbells. Lots of planks and glutes and some work on the arms. Again, I tuned out the soul-less music. The gym uses Tracey Mallett's BootyBarre® Plus. IMHO, whichever barre program (or studio) you sign up for, it's pretty much similar. It always depends on how much you like the instructor, or how much of a personal signature the instructor injects into the classes. The point is always, if you enjoy it, go for it. I'm ambivalent about barre. But a workout is better than none.

I refuse to move away from using a puny 1kg-weight. Ha.
V is stronger and takes 2kg as her standard 'light'.

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