Thursday, April 13, 2017

Other Foods at Caffé B

So I really like that pasta carbonara done without cream at Caffé B at Marina Bay Sands. It's a great venue for a casual week day lunch, and it seems like a waste to go there and not have the spaghetti carbonara. I didn't get around to checking out other food items on the menu till a lunch date with G. He just got the Entertainer app, paid for it, and wanted to check out a few restaurants on it. It seemed to have gone up to S$125? It was $100 when I subscribed to it just in January after the friends told us about it. And the friends got it for S$75. But more restaurants have joined the app, so all good.

Caffé B is a Japanese-Italian restaurant, with its kitchen doing food much better than other iterations in town. Shared everything. They still had that menu from restaurant week at S$28++. Pretty decent stuff. We shared the food. Appetizers of sakura ebi omelette that was an interpretation of tamagoyaki, broccoli soup, and mains of shrimp risotto and margret de canard. I left the dessert alone. Matcha cream cheese mini puffs. Would have requested for it not to be served, but G wanted it, not knowing that it would be three for each, six cream puffs in total. Hahahahahah. He valiantly ate five.

G has a bigger stomach capacity than I do, and as usual, when we 'share' food, it means that he ends up eating more of whatever's on the table. Of course I couldn't resist ordering the spaghetti carbonara. It was too attractive. Oof. I don't bother with the bacon, although they could have gone the whole hog and just use jowl or a shoulder cut. Anyway. It's as good as it gets here. Must not let go of the opportunity to order it since I was already happily seated in the restaurant.

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