Wednesday, April 12, 2017

A Week Feels Too Short, Brisbane

These red-eye flights work great for us. I sleep very well on flights and it really saves time when we don't have that much to spare. One sleep, wake up, get the morning game-face on, and the plane lands in the next 40 minutes. Smooth trips in and out. It's pretty awesome to have automated gates coming in and out of immigrations at Brisbane International Airport. Didn't even have to talk to a human.

It was a jolly jaunt to Brisbane to renew treasured friendships and get into their vibrant music scene for a bit. The man is so stoked that these friendships have lasted beyond their teens, across cities. Good coffee and food abound at the cafes also kept us really happy.

Managed not to look at work for a bit. Planning for the trip to happen over the weekend made it easier, but it's a little difficult to ignore work for more than two days. I'm just glad we could hang out with the friends who also put aside work for a bit to take us out. On other days, we got around fine via Uber here, and with the generous amount of pre-paid taxi vouchers the friends provided.

There's always more to see in Brisbane, and Queensland. Gotta do more than city living. Next time, Brisbane, I'm coming for your islands, blue and green.

The gorgeous Old Museum Building that was in built in 1891.

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