Tuesday, April 11, 2017


I really really like the food at Gauge! Popped in for brunch and coffee. The food's totally unpretentious, but hip, using fresh ingredients and pretty experimental with its flavors. What a pity there wasn't time to head back for dinner to check out its more savory menu.

They were out of multi-seed bagels, but there were plenty of other items to choose from. The man predictably wanted the blood pancake with leg ham, soft egg and smoked sabayon. He thoroughly enjoyed that. I was happy to do my usual organic oat bircher with berries, lemon myrtle and honeycomb. Loved it! The Australian cafes generally do granola, oats and muesli so well.

We were totally blown away by its black garlic bread with brown butter and burnt vanilla. It was dense and moist, more savory than sweet. Oh my! That gorgeous whiff of garlic in the aroma and on the tastebuds. If I had stomach space, I'd have ordered a second helping. We had time to linger over coffee and read two short stories on our respective Kindles. Best sort of afternoon.

Said black garlic bread with brown butter and burnt vanilla.

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