Friday, April 28, 2017

Biryani and Curry

Love is when the girlfriend indulged in my request for spices and we headed out to Shahi Maharani for dinner. I love it because she isn't one of those who'll balk at carbs for meals. We watch our portions, but not like a hawk. We simply eat the calories necessary so that we could burn it off. Or we could simply exercise more.

Shahi Maharani has been around for more than a decade at Raffles City Mall. It's a good option when I want to go somewhere different from my usual eateries at Little India and takeouts from all-time favorite Omar Shariff. The kitchen has been rather dependable in churning out familiar flavors and kept up the standards of food on its a la carte menu and buffet lunches.

All I wanted, was biryani and some sort of curry. Ordered prawn biryani, chicken makhanwala and garlic naan. Portions were generous, as usual. We weren't starving, and even on a hungry day, there was no way we could finish all the food. We already knew it. Hahahah. Each time we come here for a meal in a party of less than four persons, we always have to ask for take-away boxes so the leftovers wouldn't be wasted. No difference this round. Kekekeke.

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