Thursday, April 27, 2017

A Spiffy Top of Black Swans

Dear Y sketched out the design and requested her trusty seamstress- her mother-in-law to sew me a beautiful top of black swans as a birthday present. It uses fabric from her current MissyMessy collection; except that instead of a blouse, it's a 'Swans' Day Out Organic Dress' for little girls and a 'Swans Day Out Organic Shirt' for little boys.

Like I said, I've always eyed designs from MissyMessy, but I've never dared to ask Y to make adult versions because it's an excruciatingly painful and tedious process for her and her MIL. Adults come in shapes and sizes. While tops are more manageable than doing dresses, it's still a chore. Tough to get the fit right. But so far, because Y uses herself as a gauge, she has gotten my fit perfect. Hehehe.

Y wasn't sure if I'd take to the print, but she figured that since it's a color combination of black and white, it isn't too loud, and I'd eventually wear it. Hahahaha. I don't mind the print at all! And yes, because it's in black and white, it matches every other item in my wardrobe, and it can go casual or be taken out to slightly more chic venues. I love it! I've worn it for a few times already.

This blouse is great for Singapore's hot and humid weather. I cringe each time I think how much fabric my blouse requires. It's good quality fabric that MissyMessy can sell to recover all their costs! Can't believe how generous the friends are.

Thankyoooooou good folks of MissyMessy! All that effort, all those hours spent on creating it. It's such a precious present which I can never thank you enough for.


Pretziliv said...

The blue gives a pop to the whole outfit, gorgeous print indeed! Loving the handmade part the most, its just so personal :)


jo said...

Very nice! The blouse and cutting looks fab on you.
The double straps are cute too. Hee.

imp said...

preziliv: the swans are really quite well-printed; their outlines don't run. it's such a precious item!

jo: thanks!! i quite like it that it's cute, but not cutesy. :P