Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Boxing Cardio Sessions

Allow me to state that I'm not a fan of boxing competitions or shows, or boxing events for whatever charitable purposes. I can't fully appreciate them. However, I do like hitting (and kicking) a bag. I just feel that self-defense knowledge in various forms are basic life skills we all need to be equipped with. As a kid, my parents valued karate and judo classes just as much as ballet and gymnastics. I couldn't skip any classes unless I was ill.

Picked up a new pair of Twins gloves for use at the gym. One does not take stinky gloves on loan at the gym. Eeeeks. You can't get rid of that odor even after three hand washes in half a day. Get your own wraps, at the very least. I already use wraps at krav maga, but those classes are asking us to bring gloves now too. Great. By now, these gloves are completely seasoned; they're being put to very good use often. Anyway, boxing and Muay Thai aren't new to me. I just need to remember to keep them moves separate. :P

These sessions at the gym aren't exactly a boxing 'class'. They're not meant to 'teach' you how to box. Please go to class knowing the five basic punches of a jab, hook, cross, elbow, uppercut. It's more cardio than anything technical. These aren't even similar to a typical Muay Thai session. For those, I die at warm-ups before even hitting the bag. I'm doing this at gym purely for fun, and to inject variety in the weekly cardio. Oh, the music playlist is very listenable. Lots of heavy metal. Yay.


b.muse said...

Haha, am still thinking hard about trying the class, just that the need to get gloves is a bit offputting (NOT about to risk smelly hands for even a trial, EWW). Some of those cute bimbo designs I see online may be an incentive though. Muahaha.

imp said...

i know riiiight! Smelly hands!