Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Had a craving for steamed fish for dinner and didn't want the usual options Tekka Market or the supermarket offers, and not a yellowtail cheek or garouper or something similar. A Japanese version would be nice.

Went to Hakumai for an easy late dinner. The restaurant had flown in absolutely good fish that night. They were all definitely sashimi-grade, but I wanted something steamed. Picked out the the largescale blackfish. I always call it the 'black fish'. It's otherwise known as meijina (メジナ) or gure (ぐれ魚) in Japanese. Chef Gary suggested to have the gure lightly steamed in soy and dusted with grated yuzu peel. It arrived perfectly done. Cravings fully satisfied. This was all the dinner I wanted.

Carbs came in the form of a small portion of cha-soba topped with uni, ikura and sakura ebi. The kitchen went easy on the truffle oil. Very good, the kitchen has learnt. I'm not a fan of this sort of synthetic truffle oil. No more space for sushi. I ate the entire steamed gure by myself. The additional cha-soba was an additional thing I didn't mind, in case I needed the extra calories at the gym the next morning. 😃

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