Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Tim Rogers' 'An Actor Repairs'

Tim Rogers was a speaker at Brisbane's 'A Rock & Roll Writers Festival'. He also decided to put on one ticketed show. Bought tickets at the door and settled in for an easy night at The Old Museum Building. All excited to hear Tim Rogers. It's been a loooong six years since I saw him on stage. He does such great live shows.

There was an opening act by Dana Gehrman. I didn't know who she is. But when she began her first song, I was drawn into her voice, melodies and lyrics. I was super pleasantly surprised by how good her music is. Very blue-sy. Tons of Bonnie Raitt influences in her songs. Dana did mention later on that she loves Bonnie Raitt and is looking forward to catching her concert (on an Australian tour) in two weeks. No wonder! Dana was joined by the awesome Danny Widdicombe on guitar doing lots of slides. What an enjoyable performance!

So pleased to hear Tim Rogers play new songs from his upcoming album 'An Actor Repairs'. As witty and caustic as ever. Almost a stand-up comedian using music slightly more than words to get his points across. Telling stories in a cabaret-style. Scheduled for an official release at the end of the month, Tim Rogers is on a 'An Actor Repairs' national tour, beginning last Friday in Adelaide. But he had to cancel Byron Bay, because, Cyclone Debbie. This album, unsurprisingly, is all about aging. He began the night with the first song from his album, 'Youth'. In an interview, the You Am I frontman said of his seventh solo album's opener,

Tim says ‘Youth’ is a song about a character lifting themselves by the elbows out of the well-spring and accepting the waters won’t cleanse them of their sins. It was written four times, first as a skiffle, then a torch, then a lament, ending as an enthusiasm.

Tonight Tim Rogers was accompanied by Xani Kolac on vocals and violin. She's amazing! Quite fun to hear two classics from way back when he did his solo stuff. Nice to hang out at a casual gig venue that offers seating, and drinks to go along.

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