Wednesday, April 05, 2017

A Rock & Roll Writers Festival

Attended some of the panel sessions at Brisbane's second 'A Rock & Roll Writers Festival'. The festival is also going to Melbourne this weekend for a one-day edition. It's all about the Australian music industry, and pretty much requires a slightly more than conversational knowledge of the creative, indie rock and songwriting scene from the 90s till now. Oooh, right on. 

Over two days in Brisbane, more than 30 musicians, gig photographers, writers, journalists, broadcasters, commentators and songwriters came together as speakers and facilitators. The panels held good topics and substantial discussion content of the sparks that fly between literary inspiration and the creativity of music. Moderators were practiced and efficient. Thank you so much for the wonderful invitation, Joe and Leanne!

Festival Directors Leanne de Souza and Joe Woolley closed the two-day festival after the final panel session 'Here We Are Now, Entertain Us'. The closing panel saw speakers Michael Dwyer, Holly George-Warren and Roger Shepherd; moderated by Rod Yates.

Held at the beautiful The Old Museum Building, I thought the two-day event was well-organized and coherent. They had a little stall set up selling hot food for lunch, and a bar offering decent beer, coffee and wine. On the first day, it was a little special as they had a 'Bloody Maria', made with tequila instead of vodka. Those Bloody Marias at the bar were absolutely delicious. You made them so well, Skye! It was totally a meal- a cold soup and a salad rolled into a glass. The drinks even came topped up with cooked clams.

The man thoroughly enjoyed the discussions. He was right in his element. I'm neither a musician nor a writer. But I like words, stories and rock and roll. I work with words too. It was great to go, listen to other people's experiences and catch up with the friends. 😁

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