Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Along Alki Beach

Looking at downtown Seattle from Alki Beach.
Mount Rainier is on the right, and Cascades to the left.

All these rains only taught us to appreciate the sunny days even more. Amidst all the grey and cold, the sun came out to play for a few days here and there. I won't be here in summer, so I'll take whatever I can get now. Glad I'm here long enough to see some glorious blue skies, fluffy white clouds and sunshine.

Stopped by Alki Beach for a few runs. The flat paths that split into designated lanes for bike and human make it a breeze to run, fast. That 'wind in hair' cliché? Definitely good for the soul. It's too cold (for this girl from the tropics) for water activities. Puget Sound's waters are cold regardless of the season anyway.

Couldn't resist these jump shots taken on the second visit. It was an equally glorious day. Had to have photos not taken in a restaurant or a brewery. :P As it is, I don't particularly fancy having my photo taken. This lovely view of downtown Seattle is seen at the path towards Duwamish Head near the jetty. I like to begin the run at Alki Point and stop at Duwamish Head for Marination's spam sliders, as a 'reward' of sorts. Hahaha.

Bye Seattle, till the next visit! 💙

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