Wednesday, May 31, 2017

First Meals Back At Home

When food cravings strike after longer trips, it's always about wanting spicy food. For those first meals upon return, we prefer to cook if time permits.

After we got back, the next morning, I ransacked the larder and zoomed off to Tekka Market to buy a few pieces of super fresh ikan tenggiri. Then came home to cook a pot of spicy dhaal. By now, I can do dhaal almost as well as the man does. Except my dhaal is always spicier. Hahahaha. Perhaps my 'one pinch' of dried chillies is bigger than the man's definition. It's something I like to eat, and if I like a dish enough, I can probably cook it decently.

Lightly marinated the tenggiri fillets in a garlic-ginger paste, salt and pepper. Lightly pan-fried them. It went fabulous with the dhaal drizzled over basmati rice for a most satisfying lunch. First meal back at home. Absolutely satisfying. My stomach misses local fish and spices. #ImpieCooks2017

The man dove straight into work with early morning and late night calls. Decided to be very nice and prep him lunch boxes for the week. Those lunch boxes are just regular containers that won't spill. Nothing pretty about it. The spill-proof requirement is extremely important when the man simply chucks it in his backpack and it will be swung around.

Started off the week with an easy protein box of Japanese black cod, minced beef stir-fried with asparagus tips and peppers. Beneath them was a layer of Japanese brown rice sprinkled with a ton of furikake to provide carbs. And a spoonful of sambal terasi sat at the side. Oof.

I don't actually know if the man likes this sort of food. I like it enough. The man's a picky eater, although when it comes to lunch boxes with food packed from home, he's less fussy. He takes whatever leftovers there are in the fridge. Although if I'm free, I'll cook in the morning instead. On most days, he doesn't have time to get out for lunch, often working through the hour. So at least with a lunch box, the nutrients are sorted.


coboypb said...

Your food sounds yummy! Lucky man :)

imp said...

Thanks!!! You've been cooking loads of tasty things too.