Sunday, May 28, 2017

Friends and Rainbows In WA

As well as we've been eating at superb Seattle restaurants and cafes, nothing beats homecooked hospitality and warmth. We're so blessed and very lucky to get lots of love from our dear friends who made time to have us over for random meals, coffee, beer, bourbon, and well, jam sessions.

Our friends are often away during when we visit in November and December, so we don't get the pleasure of their company as much. But during late spring, many and most are in town, and we get all sentimental and are happy to spend time together.

P and J invited us and some mutual friends over to their gorgeous home for dinner, bits of serious conversation and lots of laughter. They claimed it wasn't much effort to cook up dinner because the oven and a solid Primo grill did all the grunt work, and the dishwasher would take care of everything else after. Yeah, right. It was the last bits of rains before the heat comes in and summer arrives in a few weeks. It was drizzling, but it wasn't cold and we could all go out to the patio for drinks, a bit of breeze and enjoy the crisp air.

Then a rainbow appeared at the side over the Cascades. We saw the full arc. Ahhhhh. It lasted till sunset. Washington state is full of rainbows this season. (And auroras borealis. You don't have to go way up north either. You can see northern lights over light-polluted Seattle, especially if you're in West Seattle overlooking downtown.) Double rainbows are quite common too. Not that I'm a rainbow chaser. But there's always something magical when one appears. All that reflection, refraction and dispersion of light in water droplets. Science is awesome.

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