Saturday, May 27, 2017

The All New Art of The Table

We were excited to check out the all new Art of the Table. Still in Fremont, the restaurant moved out of its cosy nook and into a bigger fancier space two streets down. It just re-opened in the first week of April, and introduced a mandatory 20% service charge.

Sure, it's all spiffy now, more glass and steel than wood. I love the counter seats where we could watch the food being prepped and plated. Every item was lovingly placed onto our dining plates. The menu remains similar, and the standards are kept high, the way I remember it. My tastebuds are very happy.

We skipped the degustation menu and opted for a la carte dishes. The chioggia and golden beet terrine with pickled cylinder beet, pickled fennel, mache, triticale and miso vinaigrette was ridiculously creative. The tea-infused duck egg was such a clever touch. Those albacore tuna fish balls were soooooo goood. Accompanied by purple sprouting broccoli, oxtail pho broth, fried shallot, mint, basil, radish, chilli oil, lime and trout roe, everything came together in one burst of awesomeness.

The cauliflower and black truffle 'risotto' was brilliant. No carbs in this dish. It came with maitake, morel and king oyster mushrooms, arugula pesto, pine nut brown butter and leek ash. It was so rich and full of umami, and very moreish. I'm so inspired to re-create this dish at home.

I was full by then, but the man needed his meats. Skagit River pork loin and beef cheek arrived. They sat on a bed of vegetables that went so well with the meats. That's the strength of Art of the Table. The kitchen understands the flavors, and isn't afraid to put them together. Each dish sees so many generous locally-sourced seasonal quality ingredients that it's impossible not to be impressed.

Made it to dessert. Olive oil cake with lemon ice-cream, orange marmalade, candied orange, orange curd and meringue. It was a good one; it wasn't sugary-sweet, to be fair, but I couldn't finish it. What a gorgeous evening. Art of the Table is still one of my favorite restaurants in Seattle.

Said cauliflower and black truffle 'risotto' that held no carbs.

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