Friday, May 26, 2017

Ongoing Pilates Classes

I can't do without a proper pilates session. Sure I stretch out on a yoga mat in the hotel room, go out running and hit the gym for cardio. But it's not the same. Maybe it's all in the mind. Whatever. I like my fancy pilates machines and cheerful studios with lots of natural light coming in.

Stuck with my trusty pilates studio. Haven't found a need to check out new ones. I'm very specific about what I want in my sessions, and so far, it's effective. I only come in for a two to three week block each time I'm in town, so I don't get a regular instructor. No matter how experienced or senior, she wouldn't be familiar with me or what I require. My file only assures the assigned instructors that I'm currently injury-free and 'require challenges'. Hurhurhur. :P

I'll usually decide which part of the body I want to work on for each session, outlining weak spots to focus on. Even made a list of the body parts to sort out on this trip. I want to repeat some exercises do because I haven't gotten the correct form and feel.

This period focuses on lots of mat work and extensive use of the Tower. Back to basics. Always good to practise and know exactly how to adjust myself to get that perfect form. I end off with a good 20 minutes on the Chair. The studio uses a traditional model. No split pedals. Re-adjusted some of the exercises on it to complement a single step. Left out the handles so that I could make the abs, quads and hamstrings fully work without relying on external help. Teeheeeheee.

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