Thursday, May 25, 2017

Spaghetti Carbonara at Stoneburner

I was really hungry because of all the calories expended in the morning hitting the trails with the friends, and then being their minion at their office to sort out some last minute work they had to complete. Headed out for a late lunch in Ballard. Hopped into Stoneburner.

I liked what the menu offered. Took a chance with the pasta. What luck to get a fabulous plate of spaghetti carbonara. It came with a poached egg. Prodded the center with a fork and runny yolk spilled all over just the way I like it. It was unexpectedly delicious! Wow. Totally didn't see that coming. SO GOOD. I even filmed a short snippet of that yolk oozing out. Hahahaha.

We had other food on the table. Namely, three types of pizzas and two kinds of salads. There were scones and very good jam. But I was completely fixated on my pasta and didn't even bother to try what the others ordered. Hehehe. There were plenty of sautéed guanciale of which I nicely scooped up and over to the friends' plates. I only wanted the egg and pasta. What a beautiful plate of carbs, and a sinful pomegranate phosphate; made for one happy meal.

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