Saturday, May 20, 2017

Looping the TRX Over the Door

The man has been hitting the gym daily. He likes the standard machines in the gym better than I do. Yeah, I have scheduled classes with the trainers and at the studios. But I still need to do deep stretches in the room.

A vacation can't just be all about eating and drinking and piling on the calories without output riiiight? Exercising is part of the daily routine, and it will remain so no matter where we are. Our rooms are spacious and come with yoga mats. That's also my workout space. The TRX travel kit comes along on many trips. It's so portable.

I'm making full use of the TRX on this trip. It's been crazy rainy and tough to catch the sunshine. Anyway, the hotel room doors are perfect for it. They're strong and won't come down unless it's a purposeful couple of kicks. 😉 Pull-ups, mountain climbers, planks and pikes, push-ups and lunges, Russian twists and roll-ups. That's 20 minutes easy. Not a full cardio pump, but it gets the heart rate up and warms up the core and muscles.  I hate them mountain climbers, but they get the job done quickly.

Then get onto the mat and do those roll-ups slow to wake the muscles in the abs and obliques. These are considered a cool-down too. Much more enjoyable than puffing through burpees. These take another 10 minutes. There, a 30-minute burning of calories in the room regardless of the weather.


nua-ster said...

haha.. i hate them hamstring curls and those hamstring exercises on TRX. much more activation than the usual moves and makes me realise how weak my hammies actually are... >.<

imp said...

oooh. i feel your hamstrings! work work work them! heh.

Lunges. Those simple Lunges on the TRX actually kill me.

nua-ster said...

oh yes.... try holding in the TRX bulgarian split squat position for 30s (or more)......... o.O

imp said...

Eiyerrrrrrrrr. dunwan. OUCH.