Saturday, May 20, 2017

Vegetarian Pizzas Rock

You know I hate pizzas right? I can't repeat that enough because people keep telling me "Who hates pizzas?!" ME. It's the one singular suggestion for a meal that will make me reject it outright. Pizza is mostly unsatisfactory, sad and dreary. I'll eat some, especially if they land on my plate in vegan or vegetarian options. I just don't often eat them in Singapore because it's a bad city for this sort of pizzas.

Found a good pizza place last year, and I'm not disappointed on this trip either. Sizzle Pie!!! 🍕🤘🏻Rocked up to the eatery a few times and grabbed takeouts too. I think... the continuous dislike of pizza generally stems from the combination of a tomato base with melted cheese. Yeah, I love tomatoes and cheese, but somehow, the combination on a pizza base isn't attractive to me. So a pizza margherita is yucks, and something with mushrooms, garlic and olives will be just unimaginative and tasteless. It's worse if the chilli flakes are wimpy and have no heat, which is what is provided by majority of the pizzerias in Singapore.

At Sizzle Pie, I love their vegan and vegetarian options. The 'White Walker' was sooo good. Hahah, well, love the reference. It's got an olive oil base with spinach, roasted garlic, feta and a light dusting of herbs and spices. This season, I like its vegan 'Drugs Benedict'- white bean spread, tofu cheese, baco bits, hash brown and fresh green onions. Now, that's a slice of pizza I could eat any day. It was delicious! Make pizzas like these, Singapore.

The awesome slice of 'Drugs Benedict'

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