Sunday, May 21, 2017

On the Discovery Park Loop

Of course I went to Discovery Park, repeatedly. It's my favorite park in Seattle. As far as city parks go, this is a really good one that makes you think you're out in the wild. Except it's smack in the middle of the city, away from the downtown whir. Woodlands and water. You get the trees and little trails on the hills and then the beach. This season sees temperatures averaging between 12℃ to 21℃ (and getting hotter, yayy) and with the longer daylight, evening runs are very pleasurable too.

I'm cool to go there alone too, in the daylight (although it's just a psychological thing) and especially on weekends. Week days are quieter, but it sees people. Located in the residential neighborhood of Magnolia, Discovery Park is literally in the friends' backyard. There's full cellular reception. As always, I just keep alert and go about my day. Of course, do run fast. That helps.

There's so much flora and fauna, and birds. It's a wonderful walk. Pause along the way to linger over something splendid. A pity I'm not very good with identifying them. Everything is just "Oh flower! Pretty pink flower! Pretty white flower!" or "Leaves! Green leaves! Brown leaves! Big trees! Small trees! Bush." or "Bird! Big bird! Small bird!" And hawks. I can spot a hawk. But I wouldn't know if it's a Cooper's hawk or another species. My vocabulary is extremely limited and not very impressive.

Often, to get the most out of a trip to the park and a bit more exercise, we begin at the beach (where the lighthouse is) and run up the steps to the little hill (only 140ft), then sprint to the carparks to hail an Uber/Lyft. Luckily we aren't driving and don't need to do another loop to retrieve the car. Heh.


D said...

Sounds wonderful! I enjoy spending time in such places too.

imp said...

very therapeutic. I get angsty in cities and need to get out to see green and water. even if it's winter or on a grey rainy day. i rather get soaked then not get out at all.

jo said...

Looks so comforting. Lovely shade of green too.

imp said...

@jo: super love parks.