Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Seattle! First, Sushi!

The thing about re-watching 'Tsukiji Wonderland' 「築地 ワンダーランド」on the way into Seattle, a massive craving for sushi arose an hour before landing. It couldn't be quashed.

I usually sleep fairly soundly for a good eight to nine hours on this night flight from Taipei, so I arrive in Seattle in the evening at dinner time, very awake and hungry. Luckily there is still Shiro's Sushi to satisfy the tastebuds. AND THERE WAS NO QUEUE FOR THE SUSHI COUNTER. HURRAH.

[We got through immigrations smoothly, as per previous trips. Even easier with our returning ESTAs via the automated kiosks.]

We were absolute gluttons, in comparison to the couple next to us. They literally only had like four or five pieces of sushi each, and a handroll, and called it a meal. The man and I took the omakase, ate all 18 pieces allocated, and stuffed some more out of pure greed. Hey, in my defence, I only had one bread roll with butter since the last lunch in Singapore like 19 hours ago.

Beautiful pieces of flounder and sea perch.

There were four pieces of tuna too in its different cuts. I'm actually not in love with tuna or the favored kuro maguro, and especially not cuts of chutoro or otoro. It's the same way as how I don't appreciate wagyu beef in any form, or even striploin. Not fond of that 'melt-in-the-mouth' texture. I love the salmon in the Pacific Northwest. I seem to only eat salmon sushi and grilled fillets here! Heh. They really taste quite different from the lousy versions we get at home. I love chum salmon (aki-aji, 秋鯵, あきあじ) in autumn when it's keiji or mejika.

Quite pleased that Shiro offers options of uni now. It isn't just the local sea urchin; we get to choose to have Hokkaido uni too. I'm really really not fond of local uni. It's not as smooth, and there's this extra briny flavor that I can't appreciate. It can sometimes come across as stinky too. The golden Hokkaido uni is just way more creamy, subtle and fabulous.

幸福! とてもおいしい!

On the left: Hokkaido uni wrapped in seaweed. 

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