Sunday, May 07, 2017

Sunset Drinks

The man's colleagues hosted a late afternoon drinks session at their beautiful home overlooking Lake Washington. It was a clear afternoon and we could see right out to Mount Rainier, across to downtown Seattle and all the way to the Cascades. Very nice to see familiar faces again. It was a beautiful afternoon of surprisingly good conversation. What a lovely gesture by the hosts.

Luckily I brought something over from Singapore. Even if there aren't any scheduled invitations, I usually will have small Designed-in-Singapore items packed in the luggage. This time, we were informed of a number of dinners and all that, so I was able to pick out pretty decent and slightly more suitable items from the museums, The Art Faculty by Pathlight School and Supermama for the various hosts.

Since the invitation stated 'drinks and light bites', I took that to mean local cheese and crackers, and smoked salmon and perhaps some good cuts of ham. There were all these! The hosts went further and whipped up a fabulous mac n cheese and pasta salad. I grinned. It was a very standard menu which many people would do when there're too many dietary preferences in the guest list. Hahaha.

I went easy on the alcohol. One glass of Washington cabernet sauvignon. Food was delicious. There were two huge slabs of oven-baked salmon, one simply grilled with salt and the other was a miso-soy-glaze combination. So appetizing. Obviously I went insane over the mac & cheese—it was an excellent version. All these nibbles sufficed for a full meal, and when I got back to the hotel, I crashed out at 9.30pm because I had a 7am forewarned-tough class at the gym.


Pretziliv said...

Oh my! Those plates are so summery! Esp love the avo ones *big love*


imp said...

yeah they are so cheerful! the hosts said they wanted to chase the rains away and bring on summer. heh.