Saturday, May 06, 2017

Get Warmer Soon, Seattle!

The weather gods dumped a ton of rain onto Seattle and surrounding cities and broke a century-old record for rainfall from October to April. We're definitely overdue for some sunshine that lasts more than two hours a day.

It's not as if I mind the Seattle grey and gloom. I quite like it. I just don't want the grey to come with copious amounts of rain. :P Also, if it could get warmer, that would be real nice since this is already late spring. As much as I enjoy running in cooler temperatures, I've had enough of having to layer up to run with gloves and ear muffs.

My work projects peak during summer and the schedule is tight, so I can't take a vacation during those months when Seattle is at its most splendid. I can only hope for snatches of good weather when I'm here April and May. It has been hovering at a chilly 8°C. It's too warm for down jackets and wools, and too cold for cotton. I've been living in leather jackets and Doc Martens, raincoats and Wellies. We hit 72°F midweek. That's like 22°C. Hoping for more sunshine and less rain. WELL. One can hope! It was all thunder and lightning and hail last night. Then it dropped 10 degrees overnight. Today, it's back to 13°C. 🙄

A pity we can't get out to Skagit Valley for its tulip festival, even though it has been extended for a week. Work beckons for the man. Clearly I want to see the area more than to see flowers. I'm not one to chase the sakura matsuri in the USA, and of course won't bother to chase it in Japan either. I can't appreciate it when there're hordes of humans alongside at the parks too. Importantly, I might not be able to tell the differences between them spring blossoms of cherry, pear, plum or camellias. Teeeeheeeheee. Still it's fun to see pops of color line the city's concrete. Amazing how these delicate-looking florals survived through the rainstorms and winds.


jo said...

Awww.. here's hoping for more blue skies and sunshine while you're there :)

imp said...

fingers crossed. thanks!

and to your blue sky and sunshine too.