Saturday, June 24, 2017

Benjamin Francis Leftwich in Singapore

The venue's kinda sucky, so I didn't have high expectations for Benjamin Francis Leftwich's show. I last saw the singer-songwriter in Shanghai, and that was a good one. Bought tickets at the last minute since we were curious and had nothing else planned for the night.

Because it's Hard Rock Cafe, and gig-goers are restricted to the ground floor; nobody, except for the front could see the musician very well. At least Hard Rock Cafe is bigger than the original Blu Jaz Cafe. The show could have been so much better if the sounds of cutlery and plates clanking weren't so distracting, along with the hum of conversations over the songs.

Tonight's show wasn't exactly disappointing, it was fairly enjoyable, but I felt it was just a little thin. The singer-songwriter came on at 9.40pm and played a 50-minute acoustic set. No effects, no backing tracks, no other instruments, no additional musicians. The sound was surprisingly decent. Somebody did a great job on the mix. His vocals shone through. He opened the show with 'Tilikum' and 'Pictures', did some new tracks in between, and ended the evening with the one song I really wanted to hear- 'Atlas Hands'.

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