Friday, June 23, 2017

The Wholefood Kitchen

After hearing J rave about it for months, we finally made it to The Wholefood Kitchen for lunch. The eatery is located at the food center on level two above Bishan bus interchange. It's right at the corner next to the drinks stall; you can't miss it. There isn't air-conditioning. J had warned us it would be warm, and we adjusted our clothes accordingly. Sitting under the fan and sipping a cold drink or iced water cooled us down too.

The stall also bakes savory and sweet loaves which come out later in the afternoon, and probably need to be pre-ordered. Things like chocolate orange goji swirl wholemeal loaves and muffins, and a curry and mushroom loaf, and a black sesame, banana and coconut loaf. They sound so good. These might just be desserts I don't mind eating more than two mouthfuls of. I'm happy to have healthier options in a food center. I understand that the operating hours might shift in July and August. So gotta check back with its Facebook page and IG @thewholefoodkitchen_sg for updates.

The table shared all the dishes. They were delicious! We had assam tofu with curried cashew, curry green lentil veggies bobotie, and a wrap with a filling of beetroot and chickpeas. The menu offers a token dish of meat- in the form of kung pao chicken and hummus, of which you could choose to have it in a wrap, on an onion bagel, with salad or with brown rice. Or plain. The smoked salmon avocado with egg might be quite the standard choice when nothing else interests the stomach.

The curry green lentil veggies bobotie is the special of the week. Its Facebook post informs us that it's made up of green lentil, celery, carrot, apple, tomatoes, mango, pineapple, nutritional yeast, cashew, brown rice puff, coconut, citrus , herbs and spices. Full of tasty things! Unlike the traditional South African bobotie recipe, this version doesn't contain eggs. I struggle to describe it, but it's kinda like a vegetarian meatloaf generously filled with plenty of ingredients. Loved it!


Lyn Lee said...

On your overeating carbs post... I love my carbs... ate good curry fish head last Sat and going to eat it again this Sun, so rice is a must! And noodles... love them too! I guess I should do regular cardio to keep the metabolism up!

coboypb said...

Glad that I suggested Wholefood Kitchen for our lunch and you girls enjoyed the food :) you did a good description of her vegan bobotie!

imp said...

lyn: we gotta do that for sure. otherwise i can't quite digest all these carbs that I love. oof.

coboypb: thanks for taking us there. food's great. definitely going again.