Thursday, June 22, 2017

No Bear Came Along

Atlas Coffeehouse was bustling at lunch. We stepped in close to 2pm, and it was still crowded. The good thing is, the bistro takes reservations, so we had a table secured. Food came fast enough and whatever we ordered turned out pretty decent.

I had the Atlas Superbowl which was filling enough for the stomach. The bowl consisted of happy items that the stomach didn't mind- toasted quinoa, crispy kale, Shimeiji mushrooms, marinated cherry tomatoes, torched butter corn and rosemary chicken (gave the meat to the girls). There were savory foods for the girls. Had a vegetarian farmer's pasta and Atlas hash with bacon, Italian sausage and an egg done sunny-side up. Y and R declared the matcha waffles good. The standard sort of waffles came with matcha caramel sauce and matcha ice-cream.

R had a new little sheep, and took it out with her to lunch. The sheep came onto the table and had a sip of our beverages. But she had to go back into the bag when the food came. Our little table was full! And of course we didn't want the sheep to accidentally fall into the plates and turn brown or orange.

I keeled over in mirth when Y told me that R was enthusiastic about meeting for lunch, but was immediately a little sad, and later on, she asked if she had to return Ed the Bear even though it isn't the end of the school holidays. She perked up when told she didn't have to do that just yet. Awwwww. The girl is 9 years old! At some point, she won't want Ed the Bear to visit her during school holidays anymore.

No, my dear R, not just yet. You can't keep Ed the Bear forever, but you're very welcome to keep him till a week after school starts. The bear did request to stay on to hug you through the first week of school after the holidays. Oof. 🐻💛

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