Saturday, June 03, 2017

Caribbean Goat Curry

The man and I have been going to Lime House for its on point Caribbean goat curry. It's unexpectedly spicy and tasty. It has stayed pretty consistent these few years. We have always thought Lime House to be a bar and won't have decent food. To our surprise, its food is much better than the usual bar offerings of small bites and fried food. Nice to have this bar on the Entertainer bandwagon.

Hopped in for dinner with the friends after meetings in the area. They've also been coming by for the curry. Hehehehe. The Caribbean goat curry comes with basmati rice flavored with coconut milk and kidney beans, and topped with a slice of grilled plaintain. It used to come with peas too, but I don't like peas, so not missing them now. I do miss have more slices of plaintain though. The curry has sort of shifted around over the years; on some nights it's thicker, on the other nights it's slightly more watery. But the peppers and tender meat remain. We come in for casual dinners, and haven't had a bad experience so far.

The friends like the jerk chicken in both its versions as an appetizer and as a main. But I'm not fond of it. Well, it's chicken, and the sauce is sweet. They also serve up a dollop of their house hot sauce. Oh that small blob is enough, trust me. Made with Scotch bonnet peppers, that hot sauce is truly hot. Love it!

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