Friday, June 02, 2017

Wine and Small Plates

I have been drinking so little these days. A beer here and there, a dram of whisky, and that's about it. It's not the calories I'm counting. I burn them off anyway. Too much alcohol gives me a headache when I hit the gym in the mornings. And I really need that 9-hour sleep. Hahaha.

I surprised myself that evening when I ordered a bottle of wine at dinner at Salted & Hung. Well, three people were gonna drink it over the next hour, so averaging two glasses per person, it was manageable. Had an easy Innocent Bystander 2014 pinot noir. Expensive wines are wasted on me. An average table wine is good enough. Never built the palate for anything more complicated than pinot noirs, merlots and malbecs.

Of course the food was great! Salted & Hung has been fairly dependable and consistent when churning out their small plates. The squid, roasted cauliflower with vinegar creme and cured egg, and squid ink charcoal mash always get my vote. Didn't mind meat in the form of the robust and surprisingly tender Mayura flank with anchovy and beef fat potato.

Ran into more friends later on when they came in for their meal. Had to decline their offer to get us more drinks! We simply shifted to their table for our dessert (more for the man- what else but peanut butter tim tams) so that we could have a quick chat before heading off. I like having dinner early. Hurhurhur. Then it feels as though the night is longer, and I can do more stuff once I get home instead of simply jumping into the shower and go to bed.

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