Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Dreams & Stories

Popped in at National Gallery's first edition of the 'Children's Biennale: Dreams & Stories'. There's no big rush to visit since the exhibition goes on till 8 October. But we were free and went at lunchtime on a week day. That would be about 11.15am. The crowds and queues were non-existent, human traffic was very controlled because the ten interactive art installations were housed in separate galleries.

As expected, only some rooms held R's interest. We went sticker-mad in Yayoi Kusama's collaboration with Queensland Art Gallery, 'The Obliteration Room 2002 - Present'. Such a simple but effective concept that also contributes to cheerful photos. The Pottery Workshop held a virtual room where we could 'make' and design our vessels and send them to the kiln to be 'fired' and watch them come to life on a virtual shelves projected onto the wall. R loved it. Few visitors at this hour meant that she could make two different vases/pots.

We were totally intrigued by Betty Susiarjo's ocean-themed 'The Blue Who Swims All These Way' that featured large installations made of different fabrics and materials. No wonder they pumped sanitizing foam for us. I couldn't resist touching everything! I wanted to jump up, hug a soft hanging sculpture and swing from them. What a whimsical room. Dreams and stories indeed.

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