Wednesday, June 07, 2017

That Fish Soup At The Arcade

Taking on projects and checking in at the offices located at Raffles Place meant that I get more opportunities to lunch with the friends who work in the area. I've been told that the fish soup at Hup Lee Cafeteria (合利) at The Arcade is really good, but I've never eaten there or done a takeaway portion. I was really curious and the friends made a date with me for an early lunch at the little shop. It's right next to the exit facing Fullerton Bay Hotel, and it's so hot. The building's air-conditioning clearly doesn't extend to this shop.

[Addendum: The girlfriend tells me that we've gone to this shop together years ago. WHUT. For hours now, I've been trying to recall that lunch, and I still have absolutely no recollection of it. 🤦🏻‍♀️]

We went there for lunch at 11.20am. The friends said that if we were to get a table, we had to get there early. Most people end up getting their food to go, but even so, they had to queue for at least 15 minutes. Wah. When we got there, the little space was full, but luckily, there was one last table for us. When we finished lunch and strolled out, the queues for both takeaway counters and dine-in were mad long. Woah! Cooled down by running errands at the pharmacy, then headed upstairs for an awesome cup of caffe latte at Grind Coffee.

I enjoyed the fish soup! It was delicious! Curiosity satisfied. I wanted a bit of bite in my lunch, and decided on the fried slices of fish instead of the usual that were just blanched. Opted for the thick bee hoon in soup. Love thick bee hoon. The soup base was lovely, as was the fish. The garlic and chilli were perfect accompaniments.


Liverella said...

Ohhhh, I was wondering what's the fuss about this stall the other day. Glad for your review, shall try it soon! Recently started teaching part time again around that area, always feeling tad loss at the sheer variety of food offered there ;D

imp said...

Go early! And it's crazy hot in there. Grab a take-away if you can.

Food at Golden Shoe hawker center is great, but I tend to pop in only at 2pm after the crowds dissipate, and if I'm in casual wear. The hawkers move out in July though, to a new temporary hawker center on the other side of Telok Ayer MRT station. Right now, my default Daily Cut is closed for renovations until July 17. Gaaaah. Some days I'll just trudge over to NUDE at MBFC as well.

b.muse said...

You had this before!! Years and years ago when I worked in that area! Hahaha. We used to go super early to chope seats!

imp said...

b.muse: I did? we did? OMG. I completely forgot! even now you mentioned it, i can't quite remember. We need to do this again. on a day when you feel like sweating it out. Hahahahah.

Liverella said...

Ah, that's what Interim Hawker Centre is all about! Fantastic news :)) This weather makes it impossible to linger at non ac/ minimal at places for too long, looking forward to more finds from you ;D

imp said...

liverella: sure! hope i get to check out more good food in the area.