Thursday, June 08, 2017

On The Reformers

Very awesome to see a brand new reformer studio at the gym's new location at Holland Village. It's impressive when a gym invests this much into its equipment and machines, and it's definitely appreciated. Group reformer classes (about 5 to 10 people) go for S$50 to S$80 per session at pilates studios. The gym's 15 reformers are a bit crowded for the space, and the teachers can't quite get to the individuals. But well, for the price of a monthly membership at S$200 or so, it's totally value-for-money if you hit two classes a week.

Spent time on the Chair and all these few months, so it feels nice to come back to reformers at the gym. I do the usual thing of finding the furthest corner in the room and try to blend it with the wall so that I feel less awkward in a group.

These gym classes are targeted at the general level, although one might feel that the instructors provide less strenuous exercises and less information than at the pilates studio. These classes do provide a stretch, depending on which instructor you get. I use them as a 'rest' day or as a bridge between anaerobic workouts. Unless the instructor goes all manic-arms-day and I still have a tough anti-gravity class the next day, and krav maga the following afternoon. That particular week, my arms and shoulders ached like never before. I think my arms died a little.

However, gym group reformer classes don't replace my darling classes at the pilates studio. Those one-on-one sessions classes are taken for the specific reason of getting specialized attention, and getting a more intense stretch at my preferred pace. Anyway, yes, hurrah to more options!

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