Friday, June 09, 2017

Lobsters and Champagne

Went to Pince & Pints for V's birthday dinner. The poor birthday girl worked through most of the day, but managed to take a breather in the evening. Tickled that none of us suggested any sort of cake because V doesn't care about sugar or cakes. Although I'm sure the men wouldn't have minded dessert since they are the ones with the sweet tooth. I suppose alcohol works too, anytime. Hahaha.

There were the usual trusty grilled and steamed versions, but I couldn't pass up the special of the month- lobster biryani gam. Ooooooh. Apparently offered in their Kuala Lumpur outlet, this is a Johor recipe, inspired from its local biryani gam. (Or 'beriani' or 'bryani'.) It even came with a little bit of achar. Those spices used were legit. The rempah/masala over the lobsters worked pretty well. It even came with a fried egg and rather tasty masala potatoes. Food was still great although prices have been adjusted significantly upwards since the restaurant opened. Luckily the restaurant wasn't crazy crowded, and food came fast enough.

Since the severely under-staffed restaurant currently neither serve regular tap or filtered table water (only bottled water available) nor allow or offer corkage for the wines we brought, we adjourned home for a glass of excellent champagne from Trépail (near the mountains and national park of Reims), in honor of the birthday girl. That was a lovely hour of more conversation and laughter away from other humans.

Much love to you, V! May this year continue to bring you loads of chuckles and sparkles, and the most wonderful experiences. đŸ¥‚

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