Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Morsels at Dempsey

I've always been fond of Morsels, but haven't had the time to visit its new home in Dempsey. Found a date to hop in with the man's parents for lunch. I was tight on time and for once, I couldn't do a venue recce prior. Could only take a look at the photos on the internet and trust Petrina's sense of aesthetics! So we just told the parents to dress light and casual. Took the parentals out of their comfort zone (for both food and venue) and showed them awesome mod-Sin cuisine at Morsels.

It was grey and rainy all day. But luckily it wasn't such a thunderstorm to make walking outdoors unpleasant. Parking is less of a headache too. This new larger space is just as cosy, keeping its casual vibes. The placement of the tables and chairs and high ceiling made it more comfortable for diners. Grinned when I heard Benjamin Francis Leftwich's songs as background music. Either part of a playlist, or the person choosing the music is a fan. (He's playing in Singapore this Friday at Hard Rock Cafe.)

When we have a table of four, it's definitely time to try every dish possible! Ordered more or less everything on the menu. Hurhurhur. Had to have the Brewdog's milk stout 'Jet Black Heart'. So good. It was a seriously smooth sable stout. Portions are small, but great for sharing among four persons. It would have been a wee much for two.

The wild Sri Lankan tiger prawns sat on toast with green harissa aioli egg salad, fermented celery and bombay onions was full of umami and was definitely a good brunch bite. The familiar charred house-poached octopus on squid ink pearl rice risotto, salted egg sauce and tobiko was still as gorgeous. The burnt somen with monkey head mushroom dashi, pickled woodier, charred corn and sugar snaps was quite fun. Ume-sake braised black angus beef short ribs was ordered because the man's father loves his beef. It sat atop a delicious Okinawan sweet potato. Yummy!

Made it to dessert only because three people on the table are keen on sweets. Hehehe. Its signature Milo tiramisu was a winner. The jackfruit done in three ways with coconut yoghurt, almond nougat brittle and brown butter crumble was really cool. Coffee was super decent. I don't know if the parentals enjoyed the food, but they certainly didn't seem averse to it!

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