Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Baybeats 2017

Esplanade's Baybeats is an indie music festival that ought to be lauded for having persisted for beyond a decade; it's awesome that people are making some good independent original music. The younger generation should set the pace and tone for the next decade, and not let a great start languish.

Mainly shuttled between the Arena (normally known as Outdoor Theatre) and the Powerhouse. Esplanade always organizes the Festival pretty well. This year saw many food stalls set up with tons of choices of snacks, food and drinks. Dinner was sorted out at these stalls. Those tofu fries were delicious. Plenty of non-alcoholic choices for hydration. Coconut soft serve sprinkled with gula melaka was fun.

I didn't know a single band that played on the first night when it rained out half the sets. Came away mildly bemused with not much interest to find out more about the bands. The older I get, the more I feel removed from Baybeats. :P I'm just not very in touch with the scene or that keen to hear new music anymore. I'll still pop by the next Baybeats, but I won't bother to hit all three nights of the Festival anymore from like 6pm to midnight. Tiring sial!

The second night fared better only because there were some bands I wanted to catch. Tides, Amateur Takes Control, Rag n' Bone (Perth, AU), and new songs from Obedient Wives Club. Happy to have heard them. Nice to hang out with the various groups of friends between sets.

The third night was a mixed bag of music genres. Surprisingly enjoyable. The F16s (Chennai, India), sub:shaman, and Generation 69. Plenty of drinks went around while we hung out before and after the sets. A lot of Asahi orbs (three litres of beer in each orb...) were ordered and polished off. Watched Astreal play, and we were saying they'd probably not play live for another 10 years, and we wouldn't be actually joking. Hurhurhur. They played such a wonderful set! Sound was so so good.

Thanks for another cool Festival, Baybeats team. Your efforts are super appreciated. 

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