Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Lunch with a Pint of Guinness

Haven't been drinking very much recently. When the girlfriend sent me a photo of her gorgeous creamy pint of Guinness inhaled in a London pub, I had to go look for a pint here too. It wouldn't be great, but it would be okay.

Sat down for a pint of Guinness late afternoon at The New Harbour Cafe & Bar. S$10 for a pint at this hour! Yayyy. The friends strolled in one by one and all needed food. It's a strange little place. Feels like a neighborhood bar with a temperamental Hainanese kitchen. You wouldn't really expect the menu to include Hainanese fried mah mee, roast pork (sio bak or siew yoke) or yaki udon, but it does, and these dishes are quite delicious. So yeah, pub grub at this place is pretty all right. Not sure I like it at peak hour though. Too noisy and too warm to be comfortable.

The table ordered lamb shank (came with brussels sprouts and mash) and burgers, which turned out fine. Nothing mind-blowing, but nothing disappointing either. Super edible. I stuck to the Hainanese fried mah mee. It has always been dependable. No idea what it really is, but it seems to be another version of stir-fried prawn noodles. Works for me! There's bits of pork in this dish, along with prawns, squid and clams. I'm really only interested in the carbs- the noodles. The sambal belachan served with it was fabulously spicy and tasty.


jo said...

RE: Brownie at punch - I've always wondered who'd order that ('cos it's so big, it intimidates me) and what it tastes like. NOW I KNOW. Hahaha.

imp said...

Me lor. Muahahahahahahahahah.

b.muse said...

I remember this bar! It's amazing how long it's survived, and the consistency of its food and not-too-sucky Guinness. :D

imp said...

b.muse: me too! it's still alive. and it opened at 3pm, just as we were all stumbling in to get a late lunch after gym (various locations). S$10 for a pint of Guinness for now. OKAY.