Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Glad I listened to my body to give it a rest from cardio intensive stuff over the weekend. There would be enough grueling classes in the week to warm the muscles. Crashed S and H's brunch instead at Grain Traders. It felt great to sit down with the girlfriends to chat about topics of concern in one another's lives.

Then we strolled over to MATTER to check out its open house before they move to Haji Lane. It wasn't a sale. It was exactly an open house- more of letting us check out their office and a chance to try on the stuff before you buy online, although returns within Singapore aren't inconvenient. But yes, you could buy stuff. However, it's an office, so aside from the display pieces on the rails in sizes 1 and 2, they don't stock new pieces and such. Picked out what we wanted, paid up and the purchased items were delivered to us in a few days.

[If you'd like a 15% discount that's valid till 31 December 2017, and don't mind me benefiting, here's the link to discount code.] 

I like their stuff and the easy sort of look. Don't mind their prints either. But was hesitant about buying online till I try them on, especially the pants. I'm not tall, so I wasn't sure if the pants would seem more comical than casual. Thankfully, they didn't. Each pair of pants in different cuts fit fine and easy. Needn't have to get the hem altered shorter. The signature 'Sideswept Dhoti' pants in cotton and silk are really fun and comfortable! Their sizes are fairly coherent and kind to all body types. Skirts aren't common in my wardrobe; these pants are great for my everyday wear.

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