Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Lunch at Muji Cafe

I remember being shocked at how horrible the food at Muji Cafe was when they first opened, and didn't dare venture near it again. By and by, the food improved and I'm much more open to lunching there now, especially for a fuss-free and healthy-enough meal.

I'm not sure I like Muji Cafe's one-dish meals. The cheese-baked butter curry chicken rice or some pork katsu-don served at its flagship don't sound appetizing at all. I prefer their rice and bread with a choice of little dishes. I don't eat here often enough to be bored with their selections. It's also fuss-free to opt for a vegetarian meal if I so choose, which was my lunch at this visit. A savory mushroom-tofu patty, pumpkin, nuts and rocket salad, and a mushroom omelette, accompanied by multi-grain rice.

Since I needed to retrieve Ed the Bear, Y and I decided to fix a timing in the afternoon when Missy could join us. Importantly, it gave us the morning to clear work deadlines so we could linger over lunch and a coffee. Missy was thrilled to come downtown to Muji Cafe after school. Poor girl ended school so late though that day; she was super hungry. She picked bread over rice and slurped up her soup. I was so pleased to see Missy for a hug, and get in a chat with Y.


Cavalock said...

Yup, that's exactly what I usually have when I'm there too. :)

imp said...

Surprisingly enjoyable food!