Thursday, July 27, 2017


These Les Mills people must be minting it. So many gyms and studios offer their workouts. They've got good instructors with great form, and the instructors are of course super fit. It took me a few months to muster enough courage to sign up for a GRIT™ Strength class. Courage. And it helps SOOOOOOooOOOO MUCH when the friends took turns to gleefully scare the shit out of me with vivid descriptions of how tough the class is.

That triceps strain sustained two weeks ago has definitely kept me on my toes. It's all fine now, but it means I'm extremely aware of future strains. This means my lazy right shoulder blade is forced to work properly. There were some planks + lunges + press-ups + jumps in all variations. Mad cardio in 30 minutes. BEST. I'm not interested in powerlifting per se. The weights are just to aid the workout.

Of course I'm not ambitious. That SMARTBAR™ weighs 3kg. The instructor already rolled her eyes at me when I took the 1kg plates. Hahaha. Okay, she did that only because she knows me very well, and sees me in her other classes; she totally knows the amount of resistance and weights I can do. Carrying 1kg on each side isn't going to effectively work any muscles. Hahahaha. I know lah. Swopped them out. No matter what, I wasn't going to add more than 5kg on each side for a start. Light means 3.5kg on each side.

These f**kers frightened me so bad that for this first class, my total bar weighed only 10kg. 😑😏✌🏻 It's light enough to feel a bit of burn but not heavy enough to exhaust me. Whewww. The stronger people in class easily ply on between 13kg to 28kg. 13kg seems to be the standard. No, I'm not adventurous enough to double those weights for the next class. My priority is to maintain good form and stay injury-free. I'm keeping this 10kg total till I can breeze through the class before adding extra plates. 😃

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