Friday, July 28, 2017

Meals and the Passing Years

Went out to dinner at Kailash Parbat to celebrate M's birthday. He turns a happy 42 and is still rocking out on the guitars and his bikes. The man and M are pretty much best mates. They go back a looong way, bound by their shared love of music, snark and a love for adventure.

M and I had our differences. It wasn't something that could be resolved immediately. I was rather pissed off at him for a few years; he probably wondered why would I even bother to be petty or hold him to something that was none of my business. The tiff didn't matter to the man that much since I made it clear that while I didn't want to hang out with M, he was free to. And I totally meant it. I don't expect the man to spend time with my friends or need to like them much. My friends do not need to accept the man as their friend unless they choose it to be so. Both parties only need to be civil to one another. I quite like keeping everyone separate that way. Being not particularly sociable, I also strongly prefer not to regularly hang out with the man's friends, as a general rule. Yes, I'm weird.

By now, years later, things have shifted. Life plods on. M has changed. I haven't changed, but my indignation with him has ebbed and faded away to the point where I could hang out with him again and have a conversation without wanting to throttle him. M is probably more gracious than I am. He never took the hard approach, allowing me the space to be annoyed for as long as I wanted. He has always been a good mate to the man, and I respect that enormously.

At dinner, there were appetizers and bhatura to start. Once we ascertained nobody was averse to carbs this late in the night, we ordered the heavy stuff- two kinds of biryani, dhaal and more curry. Loved how the raita came in little jars. Well, we were all gonna hit the gym the next morning and these calories would be merrily burnt. So dinner tonight wasn't the first time the man and I sat down for a meal with M and his partner S. There had been many others that were enjoyable too; I daresay there are more meals to look forward to.

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