Saturday, July 01, 2017

Our Lunch Hour

This year, I've been known to avoid lunch dates in order to make it to the gym. Hehehehe. And you know what? My dearest girlfriends indulge me. Anyway they're very clever. They know what time I actually eat lunch, even on gym days. So they grab me out, sweaty, bit stinky and all.

One good thing about good friends going to the same gym, we always run into one another, and could spare that few minutes to chat before classes, or even half an hour after to get a drink. C only had that hour to spare today. The other time we did a loooong lunch and coffee. Today we hit barre class. We got in a quick chat, and even had time for a few photos before class started and descended into mutual misery for our glutes and quads. Then there was time to chat some more before we parted ways.

That was lunch. C has a damn fierce schedule. She's currently juggling work, acquiring a seriously fancy Masters, and churning out papers and ideas at the full-time job, as well as juggling the household's schedules and co-parenting her daughters. Today, she had daughters to pick up from school and I had work meetings to get back to. Barre is sweaty business. We needed a shower before smelling respectable. We would pick up a sandwich or something along the way to nibble. Crazy? Naaah, just making full use of our time.


b.muse said...

Yay! Best cult ever! hehehe.

imp said...

Indeed! Especially when we all also retreat into our (quiet) corners within the gyms.