Friday, June 30, 2017


Off I went to Hakumai for a steamed fish fix. I suppose I could have asked for a bowl of rice along with it. But the full plate of sashimi earlier totally filled up the stomach. Piling on the protein meant carbs weren't necessary.

Tonight I got a beautiful blue fusilier, or otherwise known as 'blue snapper', 青鯛 (アオダイaodai). Happily waited 20 minutes for the fish to arrive. That was fine because I decided at the last minute that I didn't want sushi and wanted to have a fish steamed. Conversation was fun and nobody had to fiddle with their phones for those 20 minutes since the others began on their sushi.

This fatty white fish is in season during summer, and can be eaten as sashimi. But tonight's cravings led to it being steamed. The kitchen nailed it beautifully, as always. Done with a light broth, leeks and umezuke, it was so delicious.

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