Thursday, June 29, 2017

Work On Those Front Splits

The gym has been supplying really good Pilates instructors for the group reformer classes at my preferred timings. These classes are named 'Classical', 'Flex' and 'Athletic'. I know what I want to get out of them. Happy to go along with whichever exercises that are set, and I simply work on perfecting the movements. I also use the time on these reformers to keep the hip flexors oiled and work on splits.

Two consecutive classes spaced 15 hours apart were quite fun. The night class provided a lovely stretch before bedtime with deep scoops and easy back splits. The morning class sorted out overall control of weaker sides with lunges and legwork, and finished with working on front splits. Was pleased that I could finally get both legs to do that front split almost equally. My right hip flexor has always been tighter, so I've been coaxing it loads these two years.

After class, I was goofing around and asked for a vanity photo of the final front split exercise we did. To my great relief, the instructor didn't roll eyes at me. Then she went, "Put your hands up in the air!" Like we were at a gig. LOL. (We were chatting about Midnight Oil's tour dates though.) Anyway I did as instructed. It isn't a new movement, and she happens to be the one instructor whom I'd do burpees and mountain climbers for, and whatever else she demands. Luckily the rest of the people in class had whooshed out after cleaning up the reformers, so it was less embarrassing to be doing things like these. Hahaha.

Scrutinized the resulting photos. They do provide great tips for improvement. Oh dear! 😳 I really need to work on these front splits! I need to 'sit' lower, and scoop a little more to round the back instead of giving in to the thoracic extension my back is prone to, and raise those arms closer to the ears. Oh well, that's half the fun of pilates. There's always something to work on.

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